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Hi, I Am Sylvia. I have Transformed My Life & Can do the Same for You

I am an ordinary mother with a very successful professional career spanning almost 30 years, that has found the balance between work and life. I am also a Qualified Zumba Trainer. Today, I am content living such a happy life, an inspirational leader, but that did not come easily. I’ve had a big share of disappointments and failures in my life. However, I have done the work to learn and know more about me and elevate myself to the greatness that has always been in store for me! My hope is that my vulnerability will prevent you from going through the same repetitive cycle I went through for so many years.


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My journey towards health and wellness was born from a tough place I found myself in having lost both of my parents within a very short timeframe. I was not able to grieve their loss in any ‘normal’ circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I found myself so alone and full of despair especially since I had experienced a lot of disappointment from some loved ones that I hoped would have been there for me during this deep sense of loss. During this dark period, I gained over 60 pounds, lost all interest in life, and disconnected from the world. While I was in a pit of deep severe depression, I was able to function daily. I hid all my struggles but at the end of the day, my pain never went away.

Thankfully, my deep-rooted faith in God would never allow me to sink down to a point where I could never get up and rise back to my purpose in life. In Nov 2020, I decided it was time to get up and fight for my life. I could no longer live a life so contrary to what my beliefs were. Truly, one can always find good in even the darkest moments, and I did and found a Zumba online class. That class changed my life! The instructor who I call my sister friend today welcomed me with kindness and we connected instantly. Over time, the personal care she showed me gave me hope and enthusiasm to rise above everything I was dealing with.

Today, I am living my best life thanks to her! My desire to pay it forward is what led to the birth of Syl Synergy!! I know I can inspire anyone that hears my story but most important of all takes into action my life lessons! It only takes vulnerability followed by courage and determination to do it. Let’s take this journey together and trust the process!!

Best of Luck, Syl!!

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