Private Chef

Ready to venture into an intriguing, unique and fabulous experience? All tailored for you?
Try the pleasure of having Chef Syl, anywhere, any place, any time at your location of choice. Syl Synergy Family Kitchen offers luxurious quality meals, with exclusive top notch personalized menus, served in the comfort and safety of your house or special location of your choice.
Do you love to travel? Guess what? We accompany our clients whenever they travel to provide personal meal services for them. We make the travel experience great by offering authentic recipes and documenting forgotten recipes originating from all over the world to incorporate in our personalized menus.

Below are the various chef services:


  • Holiday Chef: to enjoy your vacations (we travel with you to any destination of your choice) without the hassle of cooking
  • Celebrations: for something special in the comfort of your house or private venue
  • Romantic dinners: a magic surprise for your loved one
  • Everyday cooking: if you are just too busy and have no time to cook and yet still want to eat healthy and tasty


  • Business cafeteria and brunch: to personalize your meetings while optimizing everyone’s time
  • Business lunch and dinner: to build relationships, discuss business matters, or celebrate achievements in a private setting
  • Social gathering events: to entertain your business partners at a residence or other private premise of your choice

Menu Samples:

You are off to making an everlasting impression on your guests with an extraordinary dining experience with Chef Syl whose culinary mastery and unique style will take your taste buds on a memorable journey through Southern Country roots, East, West African, Native, Caribbean, Jamaican and Asian cuisine.


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