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My coaches and clients are my H/Sheros, like me, they are busy parents and professionals and still find the time to care for the body-beautiful so they can be their best selves. 



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Sylvia’s positivity is infectious! I’m excited for Sylvias Zumba classes! I’m anxious to see how she pushes me to limits I didn’t know that I had. If you’re looking for a high energy, inclusive, encouraging and fun Zumba instructor; look no further than Sylvia!


Julia Westphal​

Sylvia has been victorious over many challenges, both physically and mentally, and her Zumba class is no different. She is compassionate, smart, and through her own loving heart and drive to succeed, she will help you grow, while having a wonderful time dancing with Zumba and developing community.

Glenda Owor-SylSynergy Review

Glenda Owor

Zumba Coach – I met Sylvia Banda about 3 – 4 years ago. She came to my Zumba Class and her determination for health & fitness improvement, has taken her to now become a License Zumba Instructor. WOW! I appreciate her passion and enthusiasm to help others. Wish you many success in the Fitness industry.

Dalailah - Sylsynergy Wisconsin review

Dalilah M Soto-Tocuyo

I am So excited to join in this next adventure of Zumba and Wellness with Sylvia. Having witnessed her personal transformation over the last few years, I am in awe of everything she has conquered and accomplished! I know that she has put her whole heart into Syl Synergy and I’m looking forward to all this program has to offer!!!


Betsy Caban

Sylvia has such a kind and energetic personality that makes her such an amazing Zumba instructor. There is so much variety to her classes which makes each one so exciting. Sylvia is also extremely knowledgeable on nutrition and has excellent instruction and expertise on clean eating that can help anyone achieve your fitness goals.

Glen Owor-SylSynergy Review

Glen Owor

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